Our group provides people, projects,products and service on site. Our main focus is the Tank Terminal, Petrochemical and Offshore industry. Glound has good relations with manufacturers and contractors in the above mentioned markets to cooperate with. The Glound services have over 30 years of industrial experience at a global scale. Our office is based close to Rotterdam and please feel free to visit us! Team Glound



Glound provides technical field people for multiple disciplines and industrial topics.


Our Glound team members are highly skilled, educated and experienced in industrial environments. Each of them is specialized in it ‘s own field of work.


The complete supply chain is what we provide in projects. Sourcing, selecting, expediting, progress reports and optimize the project where possible.


Glound is leading in a total package of cold work solutions. . Our cold work flange solution is sustainable, safe, fast and efficient. Onsite machining is supporting this along with bolting and tensioning.


Project Aromatic Factory RAP sewer line Cold Work

Several 12 inch 300#  tie in ’s executed at  Exxon based on cold work flange to pipe connection. The pipe which is 40 years old with a lot of pitting and sludge/corrosion layer was still open for a good mechanical flange connection.

Project Maasvlakte Oil Terminal valves for new jetty

With our partner Valve Team Europe we have provided 212 valves within the range of 2 till 36 inch. Gate, check , ball, painting, actuators, specials. It was a total package of sourcing, procurement, expediting, engineering and project management.

Project VTTI anti pressure drop solution

Our partner Valve Team Europe has engineered and delivered special alloy check valves for a high abrasive and corrosive fire fight system to prevent the possible pressure drop.

Project Rotterdam area cold work flange connection

Cold work 6 inch 150# tie in at a bi-effluent pipe.Our cutting machines are smart in dimension so we could fit it in with very small space between the pipes. Also the position of the mechanics was very difficult to perform the cutting and flange activation.The job was done in 50% of the conventional hot […]

Bolting & Tensioning

Bolting & Tensioning with high quality equipment and trained people for services onsite during projects or turn arounds.

Onsite Machining Projects

Onsite machining is one of our disciplines which we execute every day 24/7 service availability. In the live jobs we have right now we provide flange facing for large diameters till 3,5 metres and we are preparing some tie in ’s for a large refinery at the turnaround 2017. If you need more information about onsite […]


Customer testimonials

Glound Valves partner Valve Team Europe delivered all te inconel valves for the Turnaround in 2015. The complete supply chain was executed by this team. No delay and proper documentation was delivered. This sounds easy but they worked hard to reach there targets. Good team, good work!

Regards George

George van Dijk, Biodiesel plantLead Projects

The challenge was to deliver project materials for a complete turnaround. The specifications where high level with a lot of details and also the lead time was very short as usual. But based on the procurement skills of Glound and her team members they managed to get the products in time at the plant. So things which seem to be impossible are possible with those guys. Hope you can assist us next time again!

A. VerhoofTank Storage Company

Firewater systems can cause issues at several places like the pump, valve & filter pipe sections. We asked Glound to engineer a typical solution for pressure drop caused by the abrasive environment we where in. They have delivered us the highest quality and suitable product for this situation and the lifecycle will be improved and our maintenance team has less challenges to solve. Good work.

L. GoutierMaintenance Engineer
Will follow soon……..

Will follow soon

Will follow soon…you bet.